Pulau Macan, Tiger Island (Thousand Island Archipelago, Jakarta), Indonesia

Located in the Thousand Islands to the north of Jakarta, Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) is a private island that runs an eco-friendly management system and is arguably the best place for Jakartans who long to breathe in the smell of the ocean while resting and relaxing in a wooden hut overlooking a pristine beach.

Forty-five nautical miles north of Jakarta, among the Thousand Islands in the deep-blue Java Sea, two-and-a-half-acre Pulau Macan is a dreamy island oasis with an incredible coral seascape, which guests can enjoy up close from the expansive wooden deck at the clubhouse. Inside, look for a pool table, comfy sofas, and “appropriately light literature.” Accommodations consist of three rustic but comfortable bungalows (two rooms have air-conditioning), and the restaurant features local ingredients—like kemangi, a lemon-flavored Indonesian basil—many of which are organically grown on the island.
Sample the herb in karedok, a house specialty also made with Chinese long beans, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, and a spicy-sweet peanut sauce.

What to Do:
Borrow a rowboat, flat-bottomed canoe, or rubber dinghy, and paddle 150 yards to a deserted island covered in palm trees. There, string up a hammock (the resort has them on hand), snorkel, or comb the white powdery beach for sand dollars.

Getting There:
The resort’s fast boat makes the trip from the marina in Ancol, North Jakarta, in 1.5 hours. Or take the ferry from Marina Ancol in North Jakarta to Putri or Sepa (a two-hour trip), and ask resort staff to meet you with their boat.

Insider Tip: Sunset Hut is the most stunning cottage 🙂

Check out some of the beautiful picture I took 🙂

Photo 4-1-17, 3 09 47 pm.jpg

Photo 4-1-17, 2 22 38 pm

Photo 4-1-17, 4 13 59 pm

Photo 4-1-17, 4 14 25 pm


Photo 4-1-17, 8 50 32 pm

Photo 4-1-17, 8 55 15 pm

Photo 4-1-17, 9 25 50 pm

Photo 4-1-17, 9 26 41 pm

Photo 5-1-17, 1 23 06 pm

Photo 5-1-17, 1 25 23 pm

Photo 5-1-17, 3 27 12 pm


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