Lincoln Rock – Flat Rock, Blue Mountain, Australia

This incredible lookout was only officially named ‘Lincoln’s Rock’ in 2013. Before that it went by a few different names: Flat Rock (it really is a big flat rock!), Wedding Rock (lots of couples have wedding-day photos taken there) and even Honeymoon Rock (if only the cliff was lined with sun lounges and waiters serving pina coladas!). Google recognises all its pseudonyms, but Lincoln’s Rock is the title that’s here to stay.


Time: 5 minutes return (plus time admiring the view)

Distance: 20 metres

Climb: Gentle slope

Getting there: From Tableland Rd, Wentworth Falls, turn right on Hordern Rd, then left on Little Switzerland Drive. The parking area is off to your right.

Style: Out and back

Parking: Parking available.



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