Bucket List : Helicopter Ride over Sydney (checked)

If you want to see all that Sydney Harbour and the beaches have to offer but don’t have much time, then helicopter scenic flight is for you.

You will see the magnificent beaches of Sydney from above as your luxury helicopter sweeps along one of Australia’s most scenic stretches of coastline, over Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach, and Manly Beach. With the possibilities of seeing schools of fish, dolphins and whales in the pristine waters, your helicopter flight continues into Sydney Harbour for several orbits and a flight right past the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the magnificent backdrop of the Sydney city skyline.

This is a must do helicopter experience when in Sydney and one to check off your bucket list.

With its stunning coastline, tropical beaches, abundant wildlife, bustling cities, and iconic landscape, Australia offers something for everyone. What’s more, its unique environment means that you can enjoy experiences here that you cannot have anywhere else in the world.





We booked our flight from Blue Sky Helicopter and choose Harbour & Beach Discovery Flight.

It costs us $150 per person, for 20 minutes helicopter ride. The Sydney Harbour Discovery flight offers panoramic views of the most beautiful City in the World. Highlights include The Harbour Bridge, The Opera HouseFort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Watson’s BayBondi (& all the Eastern suburbs beaches as far south as Maroubra) as we give you the very best in helicopter flightseeing.

Blue Sky Helicopters makes your safety their priority. They have a 100% safety record and have never been issued a reprimand or non-compliance form. Passengers are provided a safety briefing before the flight including the proper use of life jackets, seatbelts, operation of doors and general helicopter safety awareness.

This isn’t actually my first helicopter ride. Back in 2016, I did my first helicopter ride with my sister in law and my niece. And we took a smaller helicopter which only can carry 4 people (1 pilot + 3 passenger). Back then, I booked the flight from Adrenalin and choose Bankstown airport for our departure location.

2016-02-28 14.40.58

2016-02-28 14.48.06-1

2016-02-28 14.51.41

2016-02-28 14.58.23-1

Some destinations are best viewed at a distance. To experience them fully you must remove yourself, if only slightly, and take them in from afar. Sprawling skylines and expansive landscapes can be their most impressive on a macro level.


2016-02-28 15.01.16

2016-02-28 15.01.45

2016-02-28 15.01.50

2016-02-28 15.02.46-1

2016-02-28 15.03.08

2016-02-28 15.03.27-1

2016-02-28 15.05.27

2016-02-28 15.05.10-1

2016-02-28 15.05.18-1

2016-02-28 15.05.15-1

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