Face your fear : Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, a must do in Sydney!

Are you considering challenging yourself to face your fear of heights? Then you have to do this!

The Sydney Bridge Climb is really cool. It’s pricey, but a one of a kind experience. Their customer service is outstanding. The Sydney BridgeClimb was our big splurge for the trip and it was absolutely worth it. I had wanted to book a twilight climb but the climb prices vary by time and twilight was by far the most expensive. We settled on an early night climb (6:35pm) and it was still quite pricey at $263 per person!

First off, everybody is really friendly. They go over things clearly and you do a little practice before you go out. Right while we were getting ready to go out my stomach started hurting really badly. We had eaten a large lunch before hand and perhaps nerves I didn’t know I had, plus all that food just really didn’t sit right.

The guide was so kind and really helped me through what I think was a fear of heights I didn’t know I had. He checked on me often (if you are frightened, be in the front) and was very encouraging. I made it to the top (the view is spectacular AF, by the way) but my stomach decided I needed the bathroom right that minute. T

We arrived about 10 minutes before our climb time and we had to go through a safety briefing, climb suit changing, and detailed instructions for the climb. All of that took about an hour before we finally made it out onto the bridge. Our tour leader was a funny older gentleman who told great stories.

Although the sun had gone down, it wasn’t yet completely dark when we started climbing the arch. As time went by, the lights all around us came on and we had a great nighttime view of the harbor.  It felt peaceful at the top and it was a nice place to do some self reflection.

There are many proposals on this climb; in fact, we saw one happen right in front of us. If you’re interested in proposing, let them know in advance and they have a whole system figured out to help you out (how not to drop the ring! LOL).

Witness Sydney like never before – not only will you be embarking on an amazing journey with the Sydney Harbour Bridge Night Climb that showcases the best of the city from high above, but you’ll also bear witness to the magical atmosphere that the city’s brightly illuminated skyline helps to create! Over the course of 3 and a half hours, you’ll be donning your special Bridge Climb headlamp and joining the rest of your team and your friendly and knowledgable Climb Leader to ascend the Sydney Harbour Bridge while being treated to the spectacular light show that the city puts on display below.











Photos – One group photo is included in the price but they also sell additional photos (on a USB drive) for $20 for one photo or $60 for all of them (up to 10). It is in your best interest to ask your tour leader to take as many photos of you as possible (if you’re a couple or a small group, ask for photos together and separately) so that you will have ample options to narrow down to 10. There were 3 separate photos spots. At the last one, you can make a free ~8 second video. Be ready; think in advance about what you want to say. Unfortunately, we were at the front of the group and I couldn’t come up with anything in time.

This is an experience I will remember for years to come.